Using Curler Caddy

Assembly Instructions:

  1. Package contains two parts.
    1. Suction receptacle
    2. Caddy bracket.
  2. Recommended: Clean mirror and whip with a dry towel until the desired location is completely dry.
  3. Press Suction receptacle to mirror with hole openings aligned vertically.
  4. With Suction Receptacle pressed to mirror, press each button individually to “suction” to mirror. The suction receptacle should now be secured to mirror.
  5. Check to make sure the holes are level to one another.
  6. Insert short end of L on Caddy bracket from the top down into hole openings of Suction receptacle.
  7. Insert curling iron or straightener in Caddy bracket.
  8. Secure electrical cord with the metal loop on the main arm.
  9. The “Curler Caddy” is ready for use.

Removal Instructions:

  1. Remove cooled iron from Caddy.
  2. Pull Caddy Bracket out of suction cup holes.
  3. Locate the clear tabs on side of suction cup.
  4. Pull up and back one at a time to detach suction cup from the mirror.
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