Who needs the Curler Caddy?

The Curler Caddy is geared to help make the hair styling process more streamline and safe.


This is a must have product for mothers with young children. By raising the hot iron and the cord, there will be lower risk of a child getting burned.

College Students:

Whether you are in a dorm room or a house with multiple women, the Curler Caddy is needed. The Curler Caddy creates more counter space and eliminates the possibility of burning dressers, desks, or counter tops. This is done by keeping irons organized and safely securing the caddy to the mirror.

Customers looking for the Perfect Gift:

The Curler Caddy is a great idea for someone’s birthday or Christmas gift.     


How can the Curler Caddy Help You? 

Every person will have a unique use for the Curler Caddy. For example, if the product is being used to prevent a young child from reaching towards a hot curling iron or straightener, the Curler Caddy should be mounted on the upper half of the mirror; this will help limit the chances of a young child grabbing the iron or the cord. If an individual is focused more towards the convenience of the product, one could fasten the Curler Caddy towards the lower, more accessible portion of the mirror. By shortening the distance that the user is reaching for the iron, the overall hair styling experience will be more enjoyable.

Product Description

The Curler Caddy is a curling iron and straightener holder, made from stainless-steel. The stainless-steel caddy can be secured to a bathroom mirror with an ABS plastic dual suction cup. The arm can be adjusted from left to right, thus allowing the user to reach the perfect device location.

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Hear from Our Customers

“As a mother of four, there is no price I would not pay to ensure the safety of my family. Curler Caddy gives me an extra piece of mind, at an affordable price.” 

– Stacy B.

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